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Amit Garg, Jaipur

"Seventeen years long pain free survival after being diagnosed for Pancreatitis!" ***

In 1991, I had sudden bout of abdominal pain and vomiting. My family rushed me to MBS Medical College at Kota in Rajasthan. There I underwent a Laparotomy and was diagnosed for Acute Haemorrhagic Pancreatitis. After four months, I again suffered abdominal pain. I consulted Dr S K Sarin at G B Pant Hospital in Delhi. After examination I was told about formation of pseudo cyst in my pancreas. Dr Adarsh Chaudhary removed that cyst. Afterwards, I remained well for six years.

In 1997, I developed Diabetes Mellitus. An ultra sound and MRI showed calcification and multiple stones in my pancreas. I also had three to four episodes of mild abdominal pain and indigestion. I tried with few consultants but didn’t get any relief. At this juncture, some family friends suggested me to consult Vaidya Balendu Prakash at Dehradun.

I started Ayurvedic treatment with Vaidya Ji from 31/03/1998. He gave me few of his own prepared medicines with dietary advice. I responded well and my symptoms came back to normal. I continued these medicines for three years on daily basis. I have got major relief in my digestion and abdominal pain. I didn’t notice any side effect of given treatment. However, I still continue to suffer with Diabetes Mellitus (Type II) and calcification and stones in my pancreas remain as it is. (No progression)

Today (25th June, 2015), I met Vaidya Ji after many years. I am very happy to see many patients of chronic pancreatitis being treated at his campus. I am also very glad to know about the ongoing drug development programme on Chronic Pancreatitis with the help of Department of Science and Technology, Government of Uttarakhand. I wish all CP patient’s fast recovery and good luck to Vaidya Ji and his team in their endeavours.

Amit Garg, Jaipur
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