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Jairaj Sharma, Delhi

I experienced wonderful effect of treatment on my body ***

My name is Jairaj Sharma. Now, I am 53 Year old and live with my family in New Delhi. I had been a smoker and drunker for thirty years, consuming ten cigarettes in a day. I skip my daily meals also. My body weight has reached to fifty four kg at that time. In Nov’2013 my age was 51 years, when for the first time I developed severe pain in my upper abdomen and back. I consulted Dr. Gulab Gupta (Physician) who advised to done a CT SCAN and ENDOSOCOPY. After diagnosed he found that it’s a ULCER and treatment started by them. I continued taking alcohol and cigarettes during the treatment.

After ten days, I became seriously ill with severe abdominal and back pain. I was hospitalized in MAX Hospital under concerned with Dr.M.Moitra (M.D) for a week. I was diagnosed as a patient of Acute Pancreatitis. Later i consulted Dr.Sain Gupta (M.D, D.M Gastroenterology). However, I had no respite from the episodic attack of abdominal pain and back pain. By this time, I had lost nearly 10Kg weight in two months. In Feb ’2014 I suffered again with severe attack of pancreatitis. MRCP was done, peripancreatic mesenteric fat stranding and calcification in pancreatic duct was seen .USG bulky pancreas with dilated MPD and CBD with prominent central IHBR, but my problem continued to persist.

In Mar’2014, I was bought to Dr.Deepak Lahoti (Senior Gastroenterologist) at GUCT & LIVER CLINIC. There he was suggested to done MRCP again. This treatment kept me well till fifteen days. In April’2014 I got another attack of pancreatities.Dr. Deepak lahoti consulted me to induced ERCP stent, the practice was unsuccessful as my duct was narrow and thin. I became very weak till these treatments. This treatment kept me well till August’14.

On 9thAug’14, I again hospitalized due to severe pain. The whole family was frightened with the progression of my disease. I had also become very weak physically and mentally and was not able to carry my business activities. My daughter (Tanu Sharma) was very upset and she searched on internet regarding any treatment of “PANCREATITIS” then she found the information about “PADAAV AYURVEDIC CENTRE”. She checked all the reviews and feedback of the patients and get positive feeling. She contacted “Vaidya Balendu prakash “and get all the details regarding this. Vaidhya Ji suggested us to visit his clinic in Dehradun for one month.

As I was gone through with a mentally and physically stress I trust him and reached his clinic on 13th Aug’14. There I was treated with some of his ayurvedic medicine with three meals and three snacks in a day with complete mental and physical rest. At the onset of ayurvedic treatment my body weight was fifty kg.

I experienced wonderful effect of this treatment on my body. Within days, my appetite improved. I started feeling lightness in the body and gradual gain in body weight .I returned back to my home on 3rd Sep ’14 with one month medicine and continued this treatment for six month regularly. During this period my weight increased to fifty six kg.

I am still in contact with Vaidya ji and his associate Vaidyas at Dehradun. I also take these medicines occasionally for a short period through I don’t have any symptom of the disease. I did not experience any side effect of ayurvedic treatment. I run my business and lead an active life in Delhi. I am very thankful of Vaidya Balendu Prakash Ji. I have no hesitation to state that I got a active life again through Vaidhya ji’s treatment. I give him five stars for his medicine. We, all family members term the entire episode, as a miraculous cure for Chronic Pancreatitis.

Jairaj Sharma, Delhi
Mobile: 9999769394