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Pankaj Garg, Jaipur

No more fear the sufferings of Chronic Pancreatits ***

My name is Pankaj Garg and I am 25 years old. I come from a traditional Hindu family and have been a vegetarian throughout. When I was 17, I got my first acute pancreatic attack and I was hospitalized for the next 18 days. But even when I was hospitalized I got another attack. My reports indicated high levels of both amylase (309 U/L) and lipase (1400 U/L), an indicator of bad/non-functional pancreas. At the hospital, I was treated using painkillers, antibiotics and IV fluid.

When I regained normalcy, I was discharged. But at the time of discharge I felt discomfort in my upper abdomen. This discomfort was because of a pseudo cyst (112 x 99 mm). And within a month’s time after discharge I was struck with another pancreatic attack. And this time too I was hospitalized following the same treatment protocol.

Since then every month pancreatic attacks were usual. Soon I started monitoring my diet and joined Yoga. A change in diet and lifestyle, possibly worked and the pancreatic attacks reduced to once in two months and gradually once in a year. And no more hospital visits. I was put on liquid or semi liquid diet during those infrequent attacks though of milder nature. However, in the course I developed symptoms that like of tuberculosis and was put on an anti-tuberculosis treatment regime along with pancreatic enzymes.

In summer of 2009, I went to Germany for an internship and during this time I again got a pancreatic attack. This time I had to discontinue my internship and was forced to return to India. Immediately after coming to India, I made a visit to Dr Shiv Sarin, a renowned physician at the GB Pant Hospital in Delhi. Dr Sarin suggested implanting a stent in my pancreatic duct along with a few medications. A stent was implanted through ERCP but failed to prove beneficial. I got another attack while undergoing ERCP and the stent also went away after some time.

In 2010, I went to Mumbai for higher education but sudden change in lifestyle and diet I got another attack but after this for the next two years had no attacks. I was back on diet management and yoga. By 2012, I was back in Jaipur, my hometown. However, in January 2013 I got another attack. Frequent attacks now started bothering me. I was put on nine tablets of Pancrelipase every day for life long duration. I was very scared of my disease and I read extensively about it on the internet. Coincidently, I heard Dr MS Valiathan during a lecture with whom I later got in touch over email and he suggested contacting Dr GG Gangadharan in Bangalore. Dr. Gangadharan told me about Padamshree Vaidya Balendu Prakash who has successfully treated many cases of Chronic Pancreatitis.

I then visited his website and read a testimonial by Ankur from New Delhi, who recently underwent treatment for chronic pancreatitis offered by Vaidyaji. After reading Ankur’s testimonial I decided to visit him in Delhi. Meeting with Ankur was an experience in itself. His improved health and confidence in Vaidyaji’s treatment cleared all my apprehensions about trying Ayurvedic treatment. And in February 2014, I went to consult Vadiyaji in Dehradun and since then I am following his treatment protocol. Soon after I started the medication, I felt better. Apart from the medication I found in-house facility to be amazingly hospitable. Ever since then I have put on 5 kilograms and cannot complaint of getting any better, I am pain free now. Vaidya Ji's treatment is based on the concept of "Aahar-Vihar-Aushadh". With this concept he has treated many cases of chronic pancreatitis and other fatal diseases. In this perspective his contribution to the society and our nation is enormous. His medicine is saving colossal amount of "man-days" which could have been lost if the disease left untreated.

His innovation should reach wider mass. My general appeal to all is that we should promote his innovation and Ayurveda at large. It should not be the privilege of the few 'class' but should be accessible to masses. It will help the humanity to decrease "global burden of disease".

Pankaj Garg, Jaipur
mobile: +919782613830