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Gopal Mehtani, Ahmedabad

Miraculous cure of my Calcific Chronic Pancreatits by Ayurveda***

My name is Gopal Mehtani. Now, I am 45 year old and live with my family in Ahmadabad. I had been a heavy smoker for twenty years, consuming twenty cigarettes a day. I was also fond of very spicy non-vegetarian food and alcohol. My body weight has reached to eighty-five kg at this time. In August 2003, my age was 34 years, when for the first time, I developed severe pain in my upper abdomen and back with frequent vomiting. I consulted Dr. Haribhakti, a surgical Gastroenterologist who made a diagnosis of Duodenal Ulcer after carrying an endoscopy and started my treatment accordingly. Though, I stopped smoking, I continued taking alcohol during this treatment. Meanwhile, I travelled to Delhi to attend a marriage party where I became seriously ill with severe abdominal and back pain with vomiting. There, I was hospitalized for fifteen days and I was diagnosed as a patient of Acute Pancreatitis . Later, I visited Hinduja Hospital in Bombay who confirmed the diagnosis of Chronic Pancreatitis and my treatment was started for the same at Ahmadabad under Dr. Vijay Mehta, M.D. (Med.), D.M., DNB (Gastroentrology).

However, I had no respite from the episodic attacks of vomiting and abdominal pain. By this time, I had lost nearly Twenty kg weight in seven months (March 2004). At this point, some cysts also formed in my Pancreas. I was again admitted in hospital for fifteen days and all the cysts were drained out. But my problem continued to persist. Lastly in December’2004, I was brought to Dr. Randhir Sood (senior gastroenterologist) at Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. There I underwent ERCP and stent was placed in my Pancreatic Duct. This treatment kept me well until August 2005, when I suffered with another attack of Pancreatitis. My stent was removed and the diagnosis of Chronic Pancreatitis was re-established. I remained asymptomatic until March’2006. This time I visited Delhi to attend a business exhibition and this stress caused another episode of abdominal and back pain. I consulted Dr. Sood in Delhi who again induced ERCP stent. He also found some calcification in my pancreatic duct and made the diagnosis of Calcific Chronic Pancreatitis. The whole family was frightened with the progression of my disease and they took me to Asian Gastro Institute in Hyderabad for expert opinion. There, another stent was placed in my pancreatic duct in September’2006. This procedure was also short lived and I suffered with another attack In November’2006. I was treated with a new stent at Stephen Hospital, Delhi.

By February 2007, my condition had worsened further. I had experienced several attacks in last four years in-spite of getting best treatment in India. My body weight had reduced to forty eight kg with an aggregate loss of Forty three kg in total. I had also become very weak physically and mentally and was not able to carry my business activities. Apparently I had lost all hopes for my life……

At this crucial juncture of my life, my uncle Mr. Nanak Jaisinghani from Delhi introduced me to Padamshri Vaidya Balendu Prakash, who asked me to attend his clinic in Dehradun for one month. I reached his residential clinic on 24 April 2007. There, I was treated with some of his ayurvedic medicines with three meals and three snacks in a day and complete mental and physical rest. At the onset of ayurvedic treatment, my body weight was Forty five kg with elevated Serum Amylase (514U/L) and Serum Lipase (2127U/L)

I experienced wonderful effect of this treatment on my body. Within days, my appetite improved. I started feeling lightness in the body and gradual gain in body weight. I returned back to my home from Dehradun on 23rd May’2007 with one month medicines and continued this treatment for Eighteen months regularly. During this period my weight increased to Seventy five kg.

I am still in contact with Vaidya ji and his associate Vaidyas at Dehradun. I also take these medicines occasionally for a short period though I don’t have any symptom of the disease. I did not experience any side effect of Ayurvedic treatment. I run my business and lead an active life in Ahmadabad. I am very grateful to Almighty and my Uncle Mr. Nanak Jaisinghani for introducing me to Vaidya Balendu Prakash. I have no hesitation to state that I got a second life through Vaidya Ji’s treatment. He is like living God to me. We, all family members, term the entire episode, as a miraculous cure for Chronic Pancreatitis.

Gopal Mehtani, Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad, India
Nanak Jaisinghani, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India