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Ankur Aggarwal, New Delhi

Living second life ***

I born to an Agarwal Hindu family on 15 October, 1981 in Delhi. I have one more brother and sister. I am a commerce graduate from Delhi University, year 2001. We are pure vegetarian, and never used tobacco and alcohol in our life time. We always used home cooked food.I was quite healthy until I attained the age of twenty years, when in April 2001 I suffered with acute viral hepatitis (Jaundice). That subsided in thirty days with rest and home medicine. Later, in January 2005, there was a sudden onset of acute pain in the middle and upper part of my abdomen associated with bouts of vomiting. We consulted our family physician that made two unsuccessful attempts to control the symptoms by injecting many pain killers. Finally, he referred me to the emergency of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi which is the nearest specialty hospital from our house.There I was treated with pain killers and antiemetic medicines to control pain and vomiting from 14/01/2005 and underwent CT scan and blood test that revealed elevated Amylase (860 u/l) and mildly bulky pancreas with fizzy outlines. I was put on IV fluid, antibiotics and pain killers for five days. Afterwards I was discharged with tablet Zenteel, Rantac on daily basis. I recovered well. In October 2006, once again I had sudden onset of abdominal pain associated with vomiting and severe constipation. My family took me to Dr. Rakesh Tandon, a senior consultant gastroenterologist at Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute for Liver, Renal and Digestive Diseases in Delhi.

I was put on liquid diet Tab Pan 40 mg 1BD, Tab Tramazac 50mg thrice a day. I responded well. At discharge, I was given a prescription consisting of tablet Creon 10,000 mg twice a day, Pan 40 mg 1OD, Tab Neutrosec 2 BD and Tab Tramazac 50mg SOS for two months with strict semi -solid diet. I continued the above treatment until April 2010 and was symptoms free during this period. At this point, I again developed acute abdominal pain with raised Lipase (261u/l), Amylase (433u/l) and uric acid 8.3 mg/dl. Now we consulted Dr. Randhir Sud, a MBBS, MD, DM, Gastroentrologist at Medanta Hospital Gurgaon. He reconfirmed the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis and advised me to do complete mental and physical rest. However in April 2010 there was a severe epic gastric discomfort and pain associated with vomiting. Lab investigation showed amalayse 395 and endoscopic ultrasound established the diagnosis of Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis. The doses of Creon was increased to 25000 tds with meals along with Pantocid 40mg od, Ultracet sos and Zevit one cap od. However, in August 2010 there was another severe attack of abdominal pain with vomiting. There was also steep rise in the lipase (1957u/l) and amylase 279u/l. I was put on IV fluid, Pain killers and no oral feeding. Dr Randir Sud also explained to my family about the limitation of ongoing treatment, prognosis and suggested long term treatment of steroids. After all pros and cons my family decided to look for an alternative treatment as I had continuous discomfort and pain in abdomen.

After deliberate search we found some information about Dehradun based Ayurvedic physician, Vaidya Balendu Prakash (Vaidya ji) through our relatives who was successfully cured by Vaidya ji for Acute Pro-myelocytic leukaemia, a type of blood cancer. I attended the clinic of Vaidya ji on 17/11/2010 at Dehradun as indoor patient for initial two weeks. I was put on three meals and three snacks oral diet with his own prepared ayurvedic formulations consisting of AMAR 125 mg TDS and Hingvashtak churan 1gm TDS during meals. Within seventy two hours of this treatment, I felt big relief in my abdominal pain. My appetite improved and there was a gradual and overall improvement from November to February. I gained four kg body weight as well which had come down to 59kg from 85kg in last few years. In September 2011 I had a setback in my health due to some physical exertion caused by a tragedy in the family. I was again admitted at Dehradun for five days treatment (regulated diet, lifestyle and medicine). I had a instant relief and I came back to Delhi with ayurvedic treatment which I continued until May 2012. During this period I had been leading a normal life. This time I had developed sudden loss of appetite, frequent nasal allergies with fizzy liver. Vaidya ji treated me with one of his own prepared herboâ€"mineral formulation called IMMBO for eight months. That made me symptoms free. In May 2012, I developed constant fever with severe body ache. The blood reports revealed presence of Typhoid. Vaidya ji put on NAVBAL RASAYAN 250 gm TDS with honey for six weeks with milk and fruit diet. I became normal.

In August 2012, I again felt constant pain in my lower back. Laboratory investigations revealed high ESR. A PET scan dated 12-09-2012 showed FDG avid (SUV max enlarged bilateral cervical and necrotic mediastinal lymphadenopathy and FDG avid lytic destructive lesion in L4 vertebral body with anterior epidural soft tissue component. It was diagnosed as Chronic Osteomyelitis. However, there wasn't any trace of CP at this time. Vaidya ji prescribed me NAVBAL RASAYAN 250mg four times a day with honey for first 30 days and later NAVBAL RSAYAN 250mg thrice a day for five more weeks. A follow up MRI dated 12-12-2012 showed marked/significant improvement. And a total dissolution of my disease was seen in next MRI dated 18-03-2013. My ayurvedic treatment was stopped at this time. Today I am disease free and totally symptom free. I can perform all my duties. During this period I did not observe any side effect of ayurvedic treatment. July 28, 2013

Ankur Aggarwal, New Delhi
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