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Neeru Talwar, Dehradun

I am very thankfull to almighty and Vaidya ji***

I am non alcoholic and non tobacco user. In 2000, i developed severe pain in abdomen with vomiting. I was admitted at CMI Hospital Dehradun, under Dr, Sanjay Saxena DM Gastroentrologist. He advised certain blood test, ultrasound, CT scan & diagnosed me for CP. He put me on daily doses of painkillers and pan lipase three times a day for rest of the life.

However, my condition was worsening. I had lost 12 kg weight and about sixty episodes of abdominal pain & vomiting in two years of time. I was very scared and frightened with the prognosis. My husband consulted many hospitals in Lucknow and Delhi. But all Nar-rated almost same treatment with limitations.

Than we decided to look for an alternative treatment. After deli-brate search we consulted Padmashree Vaidya Balendu Prakash on 24th may 2002. He treated me with his medicines and dietary advice for one year and stopped all my previous treatment. I did not observe any side effect of his treatment and regained my health and 10kg of body weight. I also delivered a healthy baby after Vaidya ji’s treatment. I am very thankfull to Almighty and Vaidya ji.

Neeru Talwar, Dehradun
Dehradun, Uttarakhand